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STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths which are all interlinked. Here are some child friendly and extremely interesting  STEM websites where you could find out more information.


  • is a website where children can learn computer science.  There is no need to have an account you can start coding straight away. There are useful 'hour of code' tutorials to help.  There are short projects of just 10 minutes to longer ones. Some of the activities on this page include making a Dance Party, building worlds on Minecraft, writing a game, programming droids, Scratch and more.


  • The National Geographic website for Kids - main focus of the site is animals- their appearance, behaviours, foods, and habitats. Each page offers further opportunities for your child to expand their knowledge about each creature and the world around them. There are countless videos that round out the site and some that are even entire episodes focusing on the natural world. Some of the more interactive components of the site are the quizzes, and games. The games teach basic principals like coding, geology, planetary systems and more!


  • NASA Space Place is an amazingly colourful website with a lot of fun activities that encourages you to “explore Earth and Space!” This is a great source for anyone who is fascinated with Earth and Space. The website allows you to play games, read articles, make related crafts, and explore various activities.
  • BBC Bitesize - This website covers a large range of topics that we look at in school. It includes educational videos, fun Science facts and games that can be played to enhance learning.