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Reading Buddies

At Ivington C of E Primary and Pre-School we pride ourselves on the relationships children have with their peers. Our "Reading Buddy" system is where younger children are paired up to share their love of reading with an older pupil. This is proven strategy, which has lasting impact on the confidence and literacy levels of both readers, especially struggling and reluctant readers.

 Ten Reasons Why Reading Buddies Help Both Pupils

1. It improves reading skills for younger buddies.
2. It instils pupils with a positive attitude towards reading.
3. It gives older pupils more confidence in their reading fluency.
4. It improves expression and oracy in the pupil who is reading out loud.
5. It encourages leadership skills in older reading buddies.
6. It reinforces everything the pupils are learning in class.
7. It forges bonds of mutual respect and trust across generations and different backgrounds.
8. It teaches pupils about cooperation and understanding.
9. It builds self-esteem in readers who lack confidence.
10. It provides children with a one-to-one reading session that they might not otherwise be able to access at home.

According to studies by the Educational Endowment Fund and the University of Durham, partnering older and younger pupils in one-to-one reading sessions (known as peer-to-peer reading, paired reading, partner reading or reading buddies) has many positive results.

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