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Reaching together... stand firm in your faith, be courageous and strong - 1 Corinthians 16:13

Honeybrook Singers

The Honeybrook Singers comprises of members of staff, pupils and parents (both past and present) as well as other adults from around Leominster and the surrounding area.

It is an unauditioned choir, which enables truly inclusive membership.

The choir meets once a week on a Monday lunchtime at school.


The aim of the choir is to enhance links with the local and wider community and the local church with an age range from 6 to over 80! It encourages children and adults to come together to worship through music and attend services at Ivington church as well as the Priory and other religious events in the local and wider community.

The members from outside school benefit from our school's facilities and musical resources as well increasing the number of occasions where the school and wider community come together.


The Choir was established in 2001 by the now Headteacher, Melanie Smith, to supplement the local church’s congregation on a Sunday and to encourage members of the school community to attend church. It is called the Honeybrook Singers because the Honey Brook is a source that connects Ivington and it’s surrounding town and villages.


The value of shared performance is clear for those involved and benefits are felt by those who attend concerts both at Ivington church and the wider community. It provides real cultural enrichment. It also supports the church financially by increasing the donations on the collection plate.

Pupil Involvement

Children rehearse weekly and attend special services on a Sunday throughout the year. They lead prayers, share Bible readings, sing solo and in groups. They also perform to wider audiences outside of the local community. They enjoy the opportunity to interact with adults from all ages and walks of life.