Ivington Church of England Primary School

Ivington CofE Primary and Pre-school

Reaching together... stand firm in your faith, be courageous and strong - 1 Corinthians 16:13

Education Vision and Aims




Reaching Together – ‘Stand Firm in Your Faith…Courageous and Strong’ 1 Corinthians 16:13


Relationships: We are all uniquely created individuals who must work together to listen, learn and love. Our school strives to be a place where absolutely everybody can feel accepted and valued. One where a strong sense of respect underpins all relationships. Where we help one another to succeed and learn from each other. Children develop a sense of personal and cultural identity, as well as an awareness of their own self worth and personal strengths.


Enhancement opportunities, will be planned for each term – trips, visitors, themed days.


Achievement: We strive to be a place that helps people to fulfil their potential by believing in themselves: in mind, body and spirit where here every child is seen as an individual and there is a strong commitment to the children’s fullest possible development.


Collective worship is at the heart of our school community and takes place every day.


High expectations, a bright, stimulating, welcoming environment where children are motivated to learn. A place where children’s confidence is nurtured in a secure and happy environment.


Inspire and excite a shared enthusiasm for life and learning, through a caring, Christian ethos.


New facts are at the centre of our learning. We aim to ensure our pupils know more and remember more.


Good deeds; through our positive behaviour we inspire everyone to do the same. We strive to be a place full of kind-hearted role-models.


Texts that are quality, inspiring and thought provoking are at the very heart of each of our topics that cover the curriculum. They encourage the children to consider their place in the world as well as the wider world around them.


Our local community; we continue to build on our privileged position at the heart of our village community, whilst actively promoting an understanding of the diverse nature of the wider world. 


Global learning elements are exploited in topics at least once a year, enhancing our SMSC curriculum.


Exhibition of work through Facebook, our Website, Book Walks, displays, Seesaw and Tapestry.


Thematic approach; giving the learning a sense of purpose so to engage each pupil.


Healthy mindset; we promote good mental well-being by enhancing mind, body and spirit.


Emotional well being underpins everything that we do.


Religious education is taught as a core subject and given utmost importance in the curriculum.