Ivington Church of England Primary School

Ivington CofE Primary and Pre-school

Reaching together... stand firm in your faith, be courageous and strong - 1 Corinthians 16:13

Golden Rules


Our Golden Rules 



  • We listen and respond to each other politely and value each other. We value tolerance.
  • We follow instructions. We value co-operation and trust.
  • We are prepared and ready for our day. We value responsibility and hope.
  • We concentrate on our work, especially when it is challenging. We value courage.
  • We show our care for each other by using kindness and good manners. We value friendship, love and forgiveness
  • We are polite. We value respect.
  • We always tell the truth and make the right choices. We value honesty and trust.
  • We are gentle with our hands and feet and move around our school quietly and safely. We value peace and respect.
  • We respect each other’s right to learn and do our best. We value knowledge.
  • We care for and value our school community and everything in it.