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The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist

On Monday 9th July a mad scientist came to Maple and Cherry Class and did some experiments. It was all about explosions and mess. We made mixtures and we had fun. Things erupted and popped; some banged. The experiments were fun. There was fire on pieces of paper that disappeared in a flash. She had an air breather that shows how to breathe like you do with your lungs. It predicted how you breathe.


She picked three volunteers to fix some string together without tying it in five seconds but they didn’t do it so she did a magic trick with a magic word. They tried three different words and the last one worked; the string was tied together. Then she poured three cups of water over Hania’s head but no water came out because she had poured some special powder in the cup first that comes from nappies and it just felt like snow but mushier and wetter.


She blew up a balloon and stuck a skewer through it by covering the top in Vaseline. Then we had a go. Mine popped.


We did some experiments with vinegar and baking soda. We had to mix the blue pot with the vinegar in the orange tube and watch what happened. There was a big eruption and we made a mess on the floor outside. Then we had a tube with some vinegar in and we put a piece of straw in it that had some powder inside then we put the lid back on but it popped off!


Eva, Savannah and Emelia