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Tuesday 21st March, we watched a performance today, it was called Pinocchio. It was very funny and there were loads of actors. My favourite part was the two dancing elephants who were dancing in pink dresses and ballet shoes. The other characters were: Silly Simon, the Blue fairy (my favourite), Pinocchio, Magnifico and the old man. Chloe



I have found out that M&M Productions go all round the UK to do a production! There are only four members of each group and they have to learn their parts in 2 weeks. Ellie



Today M&M Production came to our school and performed Pinocchio –it was amazing and humorous and there were only four actors playing eleven characters: Blue fairy, Pinocchio, dancing elephants, Lambert, Jiminy the mouse, Silly Simon and some others. After the play, year six stayed and the members showed us what they do backstage and how they do the lights and sound.

My favourite character was Lambert because he was funny and had a good accent for the character. It was also amazing about how quickly the actors get changed, they have Velcro underneath the buttons – as the buttons are just sewn on the top. They show good teamwork because they help each other get into their costumes quickly. Owen



M&M Productions came to our school; they performed a play called Pinocchio. The play was very good and humorous too! There were lots of songs that we could join in with. Some of the characters were: The Blue fairy, the Dancing elephants, Pinocchio, Lambert and Jiminy the mouse.

After the amazing performance the year sixes did a workshop where they showed us behind the scenes. We had a chance to see how the lighting worked and we did lots of acting. Connie



Did you know that all the effects are on one laptop containing the music and sound? The classical Pinocchio in the M&M Productions uses four actors – playing many parts- they only have two weeks to practise. Finn

Today we watched Pinocchio, acted by M&M Productions. They held a great performance for us in the Community Room. We sang songs from the show which the whole school loved. After the show year six joined in on a workshop…

The actors gave us the chance to have a go at controlling the lights, music and speakers. I, personally, had the opportunity to control the speakers which was a great experience.

We also learned that there are only four actors in the whole performance, all of them played two or three roles…

We also did some acting which we all enjoyed and you could tell that the members of M&M Direct were too. It is my last year at school and I have seen many of these productions and really enjoyed it. I think that Class R will too, for the rest of their time here. Ben



I enjoyed the show because it was really funny as they kept playing music over people’s voices and they were making jokes about some of the objects on stage. When we had the workshops they told us about the music, sound effects and lighting. They also told us that there are two hundred people who work with M and M Productions. They have three different Pinocchio noses that grow, but they only had one with them, the others are at their Shrek production. Megan



M&M were so funny with their jokes and dance moves. It was amazing how they made the nose grow from big to huge, from small to miniature! I would want to make a career out of acting and singing. Year 6 had the chance to do the lights, sounds, ask and answer questions and many more fun activities. I would love to see it again! Jazmine



On 21st March we watched Pinocchio, it was amazing! The cast had two noses for Pinocchio, that didn’t grow and one that did –it looked really easy but it isn’t. My favourite character was the Blue fairy because she’s magical. It was full of funny jokes – I would love to see this again. Elle



The idea behind Pinocchio is to make people not tell lies. Although your nose will not grow, it would be fun to think that! I had a go on the sounds and there was a tiny laptop with all the music on it and all the sound effects. My favourite character was Silly Simon, he was very funny! Harriet



I found out that the Light Producer had to carry a script to know when to change the lights and sounds at the right time throughout the play. I felt like I would want to work with M&M – it was inspiring. It was amazing to find out how they changed so quickly by layering the costumes. 10/10 –would watch again! Theoden



Today we watched Pinocchio, there are only four actors who play 2 or 3 people. It was really fun. I did the lights. In the future, I hope that other people get inspired to work at M&M Productions so that they can entertain people. We asked good questions and everyone was involved. Callum



When they get changed during the performance they leave their costumes on the floor. It takes 10 seconds to get changed, we timed it! Callie-Mae



The play, Pinocchio, was awesome because the actors put on really good songs and had really funny jokes. M&M have one main studio and stay in accommodation near the school where they are acting. They told us that staying in Birmingham is easy because it’s central in the UK. I wouldn’t want a career in theatre because I get nervous in front of a lot of people and I wouldn’t want to move away every day! Issy

Every one of the children, teachers and even parents would enjoy their jokes. Madison