Ivington Church of England Primary School

Ivington CofE Primary and Pre-school

Reaching together... stand firm in your faith, be courageous and strong - 1 Corinthians 16:13

Physical Education

Here at Ivington CE Primary School we aim to provide a sound background in sport through National Curriculum physical education and a range of extra-curricular activities.  Within these opportunities we are concerned with developing good quality performance, an understanding of games principles, and enjoyment and knowledge of how to improve.  We aim to foster a good team spirit.  All pupils follow the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for P.E.


Pupils take part in games, gymnastics, dance, swimming, athletic activities and outdoor and adventurous activities.


Everyone receives at least 2 hours per week of curriculum time for P.E.

In addition, extra curricular activities are organised at the end of the school day.

For example:

Summer Term                                           Cricket - Rounders - Athletics

Autumn & Spring Terms                         Football – Netball – Aerobics - Dance


The school enjoys the use of our own playing field and playground. Teams represent the school in tournaments, friendly matches and swimming galas. Outside experts regularly come in to give tuition, both during curriculum time and during clubs.


We have strong links with Earl Mortimer College in Leominster, our local sports college, who organise inter-school competitions and festivals for us to attend.




PLEASE NOTE - We stress that ALL children need shorts (black) and a plain red T-shirt, (with or without the school logo) and soft pumps.  Sweatshirts and jog suit trousers are appropriate in winter for outdoor sessions.  These should be kept in school every weekday for sports and P.E. lessons.  They should be named, and kept preferably in a small, drawstring bag.  Large, fashionable sports bags are not appropriate, due to lack of space. Plastic carrier bags tear and cannot be named easily!

For all P.E. activities, long hair must be tied back and ear studs removed or covered.



Tracksuit bottoms and warm tops are encouraged for outdoor games lessons - but a change of top is necessary as our games field gets exceedingly muddy.  For football and rugby, children need proper boots. Shin pads are essential for football.  Parents should check studs regularly.  For court games, trainers with a good grip are vital.  Long socks keep children warm and give extra protection.  Many fashionable trainers are NOT suitable for games.