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Reaching together... stand firm in your faith, be courageous and strong - 1 Corinthians 16:13

Design and technology

Here at Ivington CE Primary School we aim to make children aware of the world of technology that surrounds them.  This is done through technology being taught as a specific subject and through classroom projects.  Children should become confident in those skills associated with technology i.e. investigative, disassembly, planning, making and evaluative skills.  Technology also offers opportunities to develop children's ability to communicate in practical situations and encourage leadership and organisational skills.


Our Technology planning is centred on the QCA and DATA schemes of work. Each year we have some designated ‘Technology Weeks’ in which staff, children and parents are fully involved. Opportunities throughout the year, for example ‘Harvest Soup’ and ‘Diva Lamps’ (RE) give children opportunities to design and make.


As a school we believe that children should have opportunities to experience technology in action and therefore create ‘hands on’ experiences wherever possible - KS1 children have shown a greater understanding after visiting a local playground to watch axles and balances at work.