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Brown Level



Children reading at Brown level should be able to:


How to support your child reading Brown level books


Your child may well not want to read aloud to you anymore because they probably enjoy silent reading more. This is fine as long as you child continues to read actively and not just pass their eyes over the words. You can help them by:

  • Continuing to make a time available for regular quiet reading sessions, and reading your book while your child reads.
  • Establishing an expectation of a conversation at the end of each reading session: can they tell you what’s happening in their book?
  • Ask questions which make your child go back to the book to find answers. Support your child as they develop skills in skimming and scanning to find the information to answer your question.
  • Continuing to read aloud to your child at bedtime. This shows them the importance you place on reading as well as developing their language, vocabulary and love of story.