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Parents/guardians have no automatic right for their children to be absent from school.  In line with recent government legislation, parents are not permitted to take their children on holiday in term-time unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you do wish your child to be withdrawn from school, please write a letter to the Headteacher stating the reason for the required absence, at least six weeks in advance of the proposed absence. The Headteacher will then consider whether the absence can be granted, in consultation with the Governing Body if necessary, and will respond either way in writing.


Holidays cannot be authorised during periods of whole school assessment; absence during these times is thoroughly disruptive to staff and other children. Year 6 children who miss any of their SATs will be marked as ‘absent’ in the records for that test and will not be able to take the tests at another time.


All absences and late arrivals are recorded.


If your child is going to be absent from school, please telephone the office before 9 am. If a child is absent without reason, the school office will telephone you at home to enquire as to the child’s whereabouts. This ensures that every day we can fulfil our statutory obligations in order to safely account for all the children in our care.