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I asked the children what they enjoyed about Art club…


Here are some of their comments it is fun because…


 “You get to make ‘creative creations’ which are awesome.” – George Hanson (Class 4)


Amy  (also class 4) said that she ”liked using origami to make fortune tellers” She said “ it was a  children used to play along time ago and its cool!”


“Art is …epic, cool and snazzy!” replied Abigail. (class 4)


Elecktra (class 4) continued with “we make original things to take home.” - These light and dark pictures were made using symmetrical patterns using our imagination which makes it fun!


Art Club runs every Thursday from 3.30 – 4.30p.m. It is open to up to 15 KS2 children


It is organised by Mrs Hurdidge and Mrs Burke.